Posted by: carolyn / through a widow's eyes | July 8, 2015

CousinFest 2015


Time of Wonder: saltwater swim

CousinFest 2015, Blue Hill, Maine: Because it is my duty to make the most of this life for those who cannot. “Have a summah!” says my girl. And her classic line: “I want to have adventures!”

So we did.

She is right. I’m so happy she absorbed that lesson, too. Life is short and summer can be so sweet.


Indoctrinating Andrew in the Jordan’s family tradition. He didn’t seem to mind.

So: Pie for breakfast, strawberry picking with cousins large and small, local turkey smoked on the barbie at brother Bob’s expert hand, local pulled pork w all the fixings, kitten-in-a-box, first saltwater swim of the season, referencing Time of Wonder with those I’ve known longest – those with whom no explanation is necessary. Exploring an old fort, selfies from atop the bridge, playing Poohsticks, raucous card game around the dining table after the kids are asleep, fireflies, Jordan’s TWICE: once for crab rolls, onion rings, and haddock, once for ice cream and milkshakes. Brother John’s plan for the day: “I’m going to sit on the porch and watch the grass grow”, pink pink sunset, road trip up w/ Mom, road trip back w Anna & her sweet beau, sleeping in the car <—my favorite hobby in which I can rarely indulge now that I’m the primary driver, rarely a passenger.
After all the adventures, quiet gratitude for my own kittycat, cozy house, welcoming bed.

And to think I considered not going. Too much to do, she said. Should stay home and mow the lawn, she said. Nope. The grass is still here.

Adventures! so we did

“I want to have adventures!” she said. So we did.


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