Posted by: carolyn / through a widow's eyes | March 1, 2015

“He’s a keeper.”

He’s a keeper,”

remarks my friend
when I relate

the good deed
done by a man
who has reappeared
after a long absence
and stepped up,
with unexpected grace,
so far above

and beyond
the call of duty.

“Can’t keep what’s not mine.
I type back,
sounding more lighthearted than I feel.

He is yours.
she writes.
Friends are just as important to keep as mates are.

and I know it’s so,
with the sudden, instant reverb
of that which is deeply true.

I am so fortunate,
so blessed,
so grateful
for my friends,
my people,
my tribe.

These shining stars

reflect my highest values,
my best self.

They are unwilling
to splash aimlessly

in the shallow end of the pool.

They know that life is short

and can be sweet.

They demonstrate

kindness, service, integrity, humor, empathy.

When I start to think about it in these terms,

I see

my life
is full
of “keepers”.


“There’s the man who writes those letters…there’s the one who sometimes calls…”


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