Posted by: carolyn / through a widow's eyes | April 26, 2014

love fills this space

If you do have to leave this world (and you do), there are worse ways to go than the way Bill Turner did: in the lovely 1822 Tory Hill Meetinghouse with the original small-paned 20 – over – 20 windows and the sky – blue – pink vaulted ceiling; a standing room only crowd of well-wishers inside; cars parked as far as the eye can see in every direction; a lone bagpiper on the stone steps; a flute; a violin; an original Ode penned in your honor; a Mary Oliver poem and snatches of another; a pastor AND a reverend: “Listen – I am going to tell you a story of a life well lived”; “the man of passion and integrity that he was”; amplified Johnny Cash through the church speakers; a lovely red-haired a cappella vocalist singing Amazing Grace; dozens of umbrella- sheltered friends and family standing silently in the rain; a small girl in a pink dress playing the violin at your graveside; your stately historic riverside family home overflowing with loved ones and platters of beautiful, homemade, delicious food on every table; much laughter and, during this afternoon so packed with love, very few tears.

I attended this funeral as the Flanagan contingent of the Baade family: my late love Jeff (Jimmy Flanagan) and Bill’s wife Carla are first cousins, children of two Portland Baade girls.

When the reverend stepped to the podium, she remarked, “Take a deep breath, and notice how love fills this space.”
Driving home in the rain, I sang along at top volume to Neil Young’s WELD: “Love and only love will endure.”

Yes. Love and only love.




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