Posted by: carolyn / through a widow's eyes | August 26, 2013

so, this happened…little pink heart


So, this happened:

A couple of weeks ago one of my back-porch beauties  – an echevaria left from a gardening job, given to me by dear friend MJL – dropped this heart-shaped leaf.  At the time I held the little pink heart in my hand briefly, acknowledging, then set it down. Had not really taken note of it since. This morning I found it is sprouting lively pink roots. The moment before I saw it, I had been talking to a long-lost friend and still had in my head the phrase “Jeff’s undying love”.  And I had silently chuckled to myself because “undying” <—snork, widow humor. Yes, eventually we do find this sort of thing funny. And by we I mean me.

One second later I spotted this very much alive heart and its very pink, very unexpected new roots. So yeah.

The end.

Or not.


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