Posted by: carolyn / through a widow's eyes | October 13, 2012

meta memory

Last night I sat at a table strewn with the remains of our delicious dinner with dearest longtime friends RP & AP as they tried to mine their collective memory of a particular bakery, on a particular street, in a particular city where neither has lived for decades.

“Yeah…it was the –”

“Blue ….?”

“Blue Something Bakery?”

“Blue Horizon?”


“And it was on that street, the one with the –”

“Yes! Exactly!”

They spoke this murmured shared shorthand while peering intently across the table  into each others’ eyes as if to pry loose from the other’s brain the locked-away bits –or is it bytes– of information.

Married much?



  1. I recently finished reading Alan Weisman’s much-talked-about book, The World Without US. In it, he examines how the various impacts of human culture would change if the entirety of humanity were to vanish suddenly; i.e., the rapture, the alien mothership scooped us up, or some super-virulent disease quickly wiped us out. With a couple notable exceptions, most of what we think of as solid human endeavors would become reincorporated into nature, often rather quickly. Untended radioactive waste would be an extremely long-lasting mess, but these glass and concrete cities, our sprawling suburbs and even the mind boggling quantity of plastic we create would all erode into a not particularly impressive layer in the geological record.


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