Posted by: carolyn / through a widow's eyes | July 7, 2012

imagine: rock & roll love shack

One of the many changes small and large I’ve made to the house since Jeff died was a touch prophetic, although I didn’t know it at the time. Some months ago while going through Jeff’s reams of papers and drawers of ephemera, I discovered a large poster: a somewhat blurry black & white photo of John Lennon, seated alone in a room at a white piano. From the creases in the folded poster, I surmised it came in a record album. Later learned it was included in the album Imagine. I smoothed out the folds and, using Jeff’s drafting tape from his drawing table, I hung it on the door to the upstairs: Anna’s room and the attic storage space.

In a few more days, this attic, now remodeled, empty and waiting, will house my new love’s most precious possessions: his stereo and dj equipment, his five thousand-plus record albums (some of which call up memories from when we dated in high school, 37 years ago), his autographed pictures of bands and musicians and gigs from his years clubbing in Miami and Austin. Guest room transformed to Rock & Roll Sex Palace.

Sometimes, unbeknownst to us, our tiniest acts of affirmation can jar loose who-knows-what, set in motion sweeping changes as-yet unforeseen.

Too precise to be random.



  1. I understand.. the smallest piece of paper that he wrote something on or some random treasure to him that I come across wiil bring me to my knees. Even after 3+ years.


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