Posted by: carolyn / through a widow's eyes | August 19, 2011

the view from here

My “sister” K. (Jeff’s sister, who walked through the valley of the shadow of death here with us the last week of his life), my brother-in-law T., and my grown nephew C. are on vacation in Sullivan, and doing a little work on our camp, aka “the Flanagan family compound” (<—joke), or “The House That Jeff Built, Mostly”.

C. is on the roof, nailing cedar shingles on a high corner of unfinished wall.

I yell to him: “Hey, while you’re up there, don’t forget to turn around and look out at the ocean once in a while!”

C: “Wow, yeah, you can really see from up here!
What this house needs is a widow’s walk!”

K & I, on the ground, start to laugh and cannot stop laughing. We laugh.




We hug, hold each other tight. And we laugh some more.



  1. Soooo happy to see you, finally!
    The other C.


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