Posted by: carolyn / through a widow's eyes | June 29, 2011

sacrament of the everyday

Sacrament, noun: an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual grace

An exercise in gratitude: This little exercise started out early Sunday morning when I saw Anna’s shoes left under the table, a habit she has adopted only since leaving home for college, a way of marking her home territory perhaps. But from the small spot of her shoes on the floor, I noticed things which I love and which make me happy emanating out in ever-widening rings like a stone thrown into a still pond. It was a very “widening” practice, and I think I shall try to do it often. There is lots of beauty in small things if we will take the time to see. All I know is I was much happier, more peaceful,  more content after I noticed all these things than I had been before.  So there’s that.

Sacrament, noun: an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual divine grace

Things for which I am grateful:

•June’s bouquet of iris, peonies, baptisia, lambs’ ears

•Aunt Mary’s green glass vase (handle lovingly repaired)

•Jeff’s handmade side table with carved ebony drawer pulls

•Anna’s kicked-off shoes under said table that say SHE IS HOME

•Prayer rug Nif & Jim lugged from Tibet in their backpacks for our wedding gift

•Matt’s painting of lonely girl on gray beach

•Newly remodeled doorway with French glass door, crisp white trim, and fir threshold crafted by Chris from Jeff’s lumber

•Plants from farmers’ market on the porch awaiting planting: basil, bronze fennel, lemon gem marigolds

•Rose – scented geranium in Ellen’s birthday present pot on teak table

•Goldfinches at birdfeeder

•Compost bucket that says there is purpose in all things

•Granny’s faded orange lawn chair for my morning coffee on the porch. I think of Ogunquit childhood vacations whenever I see it.

•Company of cat Isaac, dog Wilbur

•Beautiful green world beyond my door



  1. beautiful. susan would love this very much.


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