Posted by: carolyn / through a widow's eyes | April 3, 2011

Here Is Why I Write This Stuff

This is a comment, from someone I don’t know and likely never will, on a recent story I posted here  [see : hey babe] and also at The Widdahood, a free social support network dedicated to anyone who has suffered the loss of a significant other, built by our own dear Widow Chick. Srsly, thank god for facebook, or I would never have met all these people who are saving my life.  I cry more reading comments from people than I do when I am writing, Which. Is. Saying. Something. Believe me.

I did not start out writing down my thoughts to share with anybody (waaaaay too personal! ), but it turns out there are legions of us out here hurting, and thinking we are the only one feeling this way. The response from other people speaks volumes to me about why I read, why I write, and why I put it out there. This says it all:

“I am sitting here in tears, completely grateful for your ability to put into words how I have felt in the long almost nine months since my husband’s passing. I believed in god prior to his death, but wonder how could there be a god now after all that has happened to me and my three children,the youngest  of whom was five when he passed, yet as much as I question, somehow I know, he’s still here. I know he would be completely disappointed in my ability to survive, and very shocked at how devastated I am. My/his (favorite) aunt suggested this website to me, and I thought I’d register and have a look around, not knowing if it was really for me. This being the first piece I have read, Thank you for letting me know, I am exactly where I need to be.”



  1. Carrie, as hard as it is, it looks like you are in the right place too. Mixed blessings and gifts…. C


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